Bringing a new life into this world is one of the most significant and magical moments of our lives. Every new parent wants to capture those precious moments and memories with their little bundle of joy, and what better way to do that than through newborn photography? 

Newborn baby girl wrapped in a cream wool wrap holding a teddy bear. She is wearing a beautiful cream headband and resting in a cream bucket. Photographed in Hannah Cornford Photography studio in Medway Kent.

The first three weeks of your baby’s life is a time like no other, and it’s the perfect window of opportunity for capturing those adorable sleepy poses. In this article, we’ll discuss the top reasons why you should book your baby’s newborn session within the first two weeks after birth.


  1. Sleepiness:

    One of the primary advantages of photographing your baby during their first three weeks of life is that they’re usually more asleep than awake. As you may already know, newborns sleep a lot during the first few weeks, giving your photographer more time to capture those perfect moments without worrying about your baby being fussy or wide awake. Most newborn photographers prefer to shoot babies when they’re in deep sleep, as this allows them to capture those cute poses that melt our hearts.  They are also more likely to remain calm and settled during the session. As babies grow older, they become more alert and less likely to sleep deeply, which can affect the overall outcome of the session.


  1. Flexibility:

    During the first three weeks of your baby’s life, they’re incredibly flexible, making it easier for the photographer to pose them in those adorable curled up positions. As your baby grows, their muscles start to develop and they become less flexible, making it harder to position them in those perfect poses. So, if you want those classic newborn photos, it’s better to get them done within the first two weeks.


  1. Reduced Discomfort:

    Newborns during the first  weeks of their life haven’t developed any colic yet, making them less fussy and uncomfortable. Photographers can move and position your baby without making them cry. Moreover, newborns at this stage are less likely to develop rashes or acne, which can be an excellent bonus for your portraits.


  1. Capture the Newness:

    The first two weeks of a baby’s life are a unique time when they still have that fresh newborn appearance, with their tiny features, delicate skin, and adorable wrinkles. By booking early, you can capture these precious details and preserve the essence of their newborn stage.


  1. Photographer Availability:

    As a new parent, you’ll be busy with all the duties that come with a newborn, from feeding, changing, and comforting your baby. Booking an appointment as early as possible will ensure that you get the perfect date and time that suits you, and your photographer doesn’t become booked up. Photographers tend to schedule their sessions between the first five to 21 days after birth, and if you wait too long, you may miss your only chance to have those timeless newborn photos.


  1. Snag the best photographer first:

    Capturing those perfect poses that we see on social media or in books is a skill that photographers learn, and you want to ensure that your photographer has the necessary skills to pose your baby. Newborn photography is not just about taking pictures of your baby; it’s also about creating a piece of art that captures the essence of your little one. Having a professional photographer who has the necessary posing skills is crucial to achieving this.

A baby girl wrapped in a lilac wrap being held by big sister. A beautiful sibling photo Photographed in Hannah Cornford Photography studio in Medway Kent.

  1. Family Adjustment Period:

    The first three weeks after welcoming a newborn can be a time of adjustment for parents and siblings. By scheduling the session early, you allow yourself some time to settle into your new routine before the session takes place.


  1. Artistic Vision:

    Many newborn photographers have a specific style and artistic vision when it comes to newborn photography. By booking within the first three weeks, you increase the likelihood of achieving the photographer’s desired aesthetic and capturing images that align with their artistic approach.


There are many benefits to booking your baby’s newborn photography session within the first three weeks after birth. From the sleepiness to the flexibility, reduced discomfort, ability to pose, and availability, there’s no denying that this is the best window of opportunity to capture those precious moments with your little one. 


As parents, it’s essential to choose a professional photographer who is skilled and experienced in newborn photography. With patience, a keen eye, and the right posing techniques, your photographer will create a stunning piece of art that will bring you joy for years to come. Don’t wait too long to book your newborn session, as this precious time will be gone before you know it!


Remember to reach out to your chosen newborn photographer as early as possible to discuss their availability and secure a session date. By booking your newborn session in the first three weeks of your baby’s life, you maximise the potential for capturing those timeless and beautiful images that will be treasured for years to come.

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