Baby names inspired by Spring time


If you’re thinking about baby names and are expecting a spring baby – congratulations!  You’ve navigated your way through the festive season avoiding the alcohol, pate and blue cheese and now the finish line is in sight.

You might already have decided on baby names, but I know so many parents who struggle to decide on a name until their baby has arrived.  I meet lots of beautiful newborns with some gorgeous names while I’m creating newborn photos. Have a look at those here

That’s why I’ve pulled together a list of names to inspire you – and they all have a spring time theme. I’ve included new beginnings and flora and fauna names as springtime is associated with blooming of many plants and flowers.

Baby Girl Names

Baby girl newborn photoshoot Strood Medway  purple

April: meaning ‘of the month of April. 

Avril: French for April

Aviva: meaning ‘springlike or dewy’

Amaryllis: A Greek, lily-like flower

Blossom: Flower

Bluebell: Flower

Chloe: meaning ‘green shoot’

Clover: Fauna

Dawn: Meaning ‘a new beginning

Emese: meaning mother

Enfys: meaning rainbow

Flora: Flowers

Florence: Meaning ‘blooming’

Freya: Meaning ‘Nordic goddess of springtime’

Fearne: Meaning ‘leafy plant’

Gaia: Meaning ‘earth goddess’ 

Iris: Flower or greek for Rainbow

Indra:  Meaning ‘warrior god of sky and rain’

Jonquil: Flower

Laverna: Meaning ‘born in the spring’

Lily: Flower

Maia: Meaning ‘Goddess of spring growth’

May: The month of May

Meadow: nature

Nova: Meaning ‘New’ 

Olive: Olive Tree

Petal: Floral

Poppy: Flower

Primrose: Flower

Reva: Meaning ‘river’

Spring: Meaning ‘the season of spring’

Sunday: meaning ‘the first day of the week’

Tulip: Flower

 Verna: Meaning ‘springtime’

Willow:  Tree

Baby Boy Names 

Newborn boy photoshoot in Strood Kent. Baby boy with stars and bunny teddy

Abril: Spanish for April

Asher: Meaning ‘new beginning’

Attwell: Meaning ‘lives by the spring’

Bradwell: Meaning ‘from the broad spring’ 

Cruz: Meaning ‘cross’ so is popular for easter births

Denver: Meaning ‘green valley’

Eden: Meaning ‘garden of paradise’

Forest: Meaning ‘forest’

Jarek: Czech for springtime

Javier: Meaning ‘bringt new day’

Leaf Meaning ‘Leaf’

Linden: Tree

March: The month of March

Maxwell: Meaning ‘Magnus’s spring’

Navin: Meaning ‘youthful’ 

Neo: Meaning ‘new’

Osiris: egyptian god reborn every year 

Ostadar: rainbow

Pascal: French traditionally used for Boys born at easter

Phoenix: Rising from the ashes

Rain: meaning ‘rain’

Thorn: Meaning ‘lives near a thorn hedge’

Verdi: Meaning ‘green’

 I hope this list has left you feeling inspired for spring baby names.  If you’re still struggling, for the perfect name, take a look at this huge list of names for 2021 babies, there’s bound to be one that takes your fancy.

 I would love to hear the meanings of your children’s names.