A cake smash https://www.bbc.com/news/av/education-39656299 is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a fun and memorable way to capture your child’s first birthday. Your little one gets to have lots of fun getting covered in cake. A plus is that you get stunning photographs to mark their birthday that you can treasure forever. If you’re interested in having cake smash photos in Kent, read on to find out more and answer the question, “how much does a cake smash cost?”

What is a cake smash?

Cake smash photo shoots have become incredibly popular as a way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday. Having become very popular in the US, the trend has made its way over to the UK. In recent years it has now turned into a well-established tradition for your little one’s first big birthday.

The format is simple and lots of fun; your child is let loose with a professionally baked cake and is free to smash, grab, nibble, and explore it. All whilst a photographer captures these special moments. There aren’t any rules – your baby can play with and explore the cake as much as they like. Props can be incorporated too to make the session more elaborate and enjoyable for your baby.

Of course, smashing a cake means making lots of mess! To make sure your baby leaves the studio feeling clean and comfortable, the cake smash is followed up by a warm bath where they can splash to their heart’s content. As well as your cake smash photos, your photographer will capture the adorable moments as your baby has fun splashing around in the water.

Why choose a cake smash?

Tiny tots love getting covered in mess and enjoying the sweet-tasting cake. Added to that, parents get a wonderful memento of their little one’s special day. As well as digital images that you can easily share with grandparents and other family members. For babies, it’s a fantastic sensory experience; they get to touch and play with this interesting substance, enjoy the delicious smell, and get their first-ever taste of the sweet treat!

Babies love to play, so having the freedom to explore the cake in their own way is a lot of fun for them. Your photographer is there to capture your little one’s unique reactions and expressions as they experience it all for the first time. If you’re looking for a memorable way to celebrate your child’s birthday that really shows off their character too, a cake smash photo shoot is an excellent choice.

You needn’t worry that your little one will fill up on cake or make themselves feel sick during the photo shoot. Every baby reacts differently, but most are more interested in the play aspect rather than in eating all the cake. Allergies can be catered for as well so you can be confident that the experience is perfectly safe for your child.


Bath splash after a cake smash. Baby girl sitting in small cream metal bath smiling.


What does a cake smash include?

There are a variety of different cake smash and photo packages https://www.hannahcornfordphotography.com/cake-smash-fruit-baths/ that you can choose from. Every cake smash includes one hour of photography time, a professionally baked cake, and a bath and splash session. You’ll also get a choice of outfits and props to add something extra to the photoshoot and make it more personal. On top of this, you’ll have a face-to-face viewing session where you can see all the photos and select which ones you’d like to purchase.

There is a range of different photography packages to choose from. Each option includes high- resolution images supplied on a USB stick and some have printed copies of the same photographs. If you opt for the ultimate Platinum package, you’ll receive all of this as well as £50 discount vouchers for wall art and a photo session.

How much does a cake smash cost?

By now, you’re probably convinced that a cake smash photo shoot is a fantastic idea for your child’s birthday. So, how much does a cake smash cost?

A cake smash photo shoot is actually very affordable; you can secure your booking for only £99. This includes the photoshoot itself along with the cake and a choice of outfits and props. The packages of souvenirs of your baby’s session are available for £199, £299, and £399, with the £99 cost of the session deducted from your final price. Whichever package you select, your baby will have heaps of fun and you’ll come away with fantastic memories and gorgeous photos that will always remind you of the day.

A fun alternative to a cake smash

If your baby isn’t a big fan of cake, a fruit bath https://www.hannahcornfordphotography.com/cake- smash-gallery/ photoshoot is a great alternative to a cake smash. Babies always adore a warm and comfortable bath, but throwing in lots of squishy fruit just makes it all the more fun for them. A fruit bath photoshoot includes taking photos of your baby in an outfit before their bath begins. Photos will be captured of them enjoying themselves as they splash in the bath and play around with all those soft and squidgy pieces of fruit.

How do I arrange a cake smash photoshoot?

If you’re ready to arrange cake smash photography in Medway, it couldn’t be easier. Simply get in touch https://www.hannahcornfordphotography.com/contact/ via telephone, email, or using the online contact form to arrange a booking for your birthday girl or boy. We’ll then contact you to discuss what you want to get out of the session and answer any questions you might have about the experience. You can then finalise a day and time for your session and photo viewing appointment to take place.