Hello to all the beautiful expectant mothers out there! If you’re stepping into the magical time of pregnancy and thinking about capturing these moments, you’re at the right place. I thought I would help explain a few of the different maternity photography styles available, especially if you’re looking around Medway in Kent for that perfect maternity photoshoot.

Pregnancy is a journey of love, anticipation, and transformation, and each moment is worth treasuring. Today, I want to share with you some of the styles you can choose for your maternity photoshoot. Whether you’re all about timeless elegance or vibrant colours, there’s something for every mum-to-be.


Here are some different Maternity Photoshoot styles:


1. Classic Black and White Elegance

There’s something undeniably timeless about black and white photography. This style strips down distractions, allowing the focus to fall purely on the emotions and bonds forming between you and your little one. In the serene ambiance of our Medway studio, we aim to capture your pregnancy for you to look back on in years to come with love and admiration of what our bodies go through.

Black and white photos are not just photographs; they are images created to highlight the simple beauty of our baby bumps. The absence of colour brings out the purity and intimacy of these moments, making them eternal. When you look back at these images, it’s not just the memory that will move you; it’s the timeless elegance.

2. The Silhouette Effect: Dim Lighting to Highlight the Bump

Beautiful pregnant lady wearing black dress holding her bump. Lit very lightly to just illuminate the bump and skin. Maternity Photo taken by Hannah Cornford Photography a Family and Newborn photographer based in Medway, Kent.

Imagine the beautiful curve of your bump, outlined against a gentle light – this is the beauty of silhouette maternity photography. Using dim lighting to highlight your skin and baby bump creates a simple yet striking image. In our studio in Medway, we use carefully positioned lights to ensure that the outline of your pregnancy is celebrated.

These images are all about contrast and shape, capturing the essence of your pregnancy in a dramatic and artistic way. The silhouette effect is not just about capturing a shape; it’s about immortalising the bold and beautiful journey of motherhood.




3. Maternity Dresses in Full Colour

Pregnant lady wearing stunning burgandy red flattering gown. Photographed by Hannah Cornford photography in medway studio on pink backdrop.

For those who love a splash of colour, showcasing your bump in beautifully designed maternity dresses may be perfect for you. Using colours can express your personality and the joy of your pregnancy. In our Medway studio, we have a variety of flowing gowns, fabrics, and colourful backdrops to complement your glow.

Whether it’s a serene blue, a passionate red, or a blue / pink to show the gender you are expecting, each colour tells a different story of your journey. I encourage you to express yourself; whether in the tranquillity of our studio or the natural beauty of Medway’s landscapes, let’s create a photoshoot that suits you personally.




4. Ethereal Glow: Backlit Images and Their Magic

Maternity photo of a pregnant lady holding her bump with light coming from behind. Creating a beautifully lit silhouette

Backlit photos can transform an ordinary moment into something truly magical. This style of photography creates stunning silhouettes. In our Medway studio, we use backlit photography in most maternity photoshoots as it really highlights the baby bump. These images are soft, gentle, and filled with emotion.

The backlight creates a dreamy atmosphere, perfect for showcasing the wonder of your pregnancy. It’s not just a photo; it’s a window into the tender moments before your life changes forever.




Choosing Your Style

Choosing the style for your maternity photoshoot that reflects your personality, emotions, and the unique bond you share with your unborn child. Here in Medway, at Hannah Cornford Photography, I am dedicated to capturing these timeless moments in the most genuine and beautiful way possible.

Whether you lean towards the timeless elegance of black and white, the bold drama of silhouettes, the lively vibrancy of full colours, or the serene aura of backlighting, your maternity photos are a tribute to your incredible journey of pregnancy. I understand every pregnancy journey is unique, and I am here to ensure that your maternity photoshoot in Medway is as special as your individual story.

Let’s create beautiful, enduring memories together. Visit Hannah Cornford Photography for more information and to plan your perfect maternity photoshoot experience.

I hope this exploration has helped you find your perfect maternity photoshoot style.

Casual: Incorporating Everyday Attire into Your Maternity Photoshoot

While many envision maternity shoots adorned with flowing gowns and elaborate attire, there’s a growing trend that embraces the simplicity and comfort of casual clothing. It’s all about capturing the essence of your daily life during this extraordinary period. Many of my clients opt to bring in outfits that hold special significance to them, such as a dress worn at their baby shower or a pair of favorite jeans teamed with a comfy top.

This choice not only ensures that you feel comfortable and relaxed during your session but also adds a personal touch to your photographs. During your Maternity photoshoot Medway, I encourage you to consider this casual elegance. Whether it’s the dress that witnessed the joy of your baby shower or the ensemble that’s been your go-to comfort throughout your pregnancy, these items of clothing hold stories and memories.

Let’s capture that – the real, the everyday, the uniquely you. It’s your story, your pregnancy, and your photoshoot. Embrace the casual, embrace the comfortable, and let’s create something truly beautiful and personal together.


Deciding the Perfect Moment for Your Maternity Photoshoot

One of the most common questions I encounter as a maternity photographer is, “When is the best time to schedule a maternity photoshoot?” Based on years of experience and countless beautiful shoots, I recommend scheduling your session between 28 to 35 weeks of pregnancy.  This timeframe is ideal because most expectant mothers have a nicely rounded belly, which beautifully symbolises the growing life inside.

Additionally, this period typically precedes the discomfort that can come in the final weeks, allowing you to pose more comfortably and enjoy the experience to its fullest.  It’s a magical window where the energy levels are still relatively high, and the excitement of expecting is glowing radiantly.

This period is perfect for capturing the essence of your pregnancy in the serene backdrop of Medway, ensuring your Maternity photoshoot Medway experience is not only comfortable but filled with the anticipation and joy of soon-to-be motherhood.

If you are interested in booking a maternity photoshoot feel free to get in touch with me at info@hannahcornfordphotography.com to discuss your maternity photoshoot.

You can also view some maternity dress options I have in my studio here https://pin.it/lkuBMQF1s



Pregnancy photo with mum to be wearing dusky pink body suit with tulle gown over. Photographed on pink backdrop by Hannah Cornford in Medway Kent Maternity photoshoot - mum to be wearing baby blue fitted dress with floaty material. Mum to be being cuddled by dad whilst holding baby bump. She is wearing a navy maternity gown. Photographed in Medway Kent on blue backdropPregnant lady wearing stunning gold maternity gown. Photographed by Hannah Cornford photography in medway studio on a cream backdrop.