Having a newborn baby is an exciting (and even sometimes overwhelming) time. There is so much to look forward to during the first six to twelve months of your baby’s life,  https://www.hannahcornfordphotography.com/what-to-expect-in-your-babies-first-6-months/ . You don’t want to miss a moment. But making sure you capture those moments in the best way possible requires careful planning and preparation. This might leave you wondering when to have newborn photos taken.

If you are looking for stunning newborn photography/photos in Medway/Kent but don’t know where to start, read on to discover some handy hints, tips and tricks.

When to have newborn photos taken

When you have a newborn baby, your phone https://www.theclickcommunity.com/blog/newborn-hospital-pictures/ camera is probably never far away. Especially as you want to capture as many precious moments as possible. However, if you want photographs that can be used as this year’s Christmas card picture (or just as a special keepsake to send to your relatives) then having professional newborn photographs taken is the perfect way to get high-quality photos.

When to have newborn photos taken does matter, though. The newborn stage is not as long as it might feel when you aren’t getting any sleep. Having photographs of your baby captured in the first two weeks is the best way to get that sleepy, curled up look.  This also means your baby is more likely to be napping through the shoot! This makes it easier for you, your photographer, and your baby.

With your baby in this calm stage, your photographer can really let their creativity shine!

Sweet poses

The best thing about the early newborn days is that your baby can be placed in a range of poses. A professional photographer will know what poses are safe and comfortable for your baby.

Having your baby rest with their chin in their arms can look sassy and amusing, as well as sweet and endearing! Each set can be customised to your colour preference.

Make it a family affair

You may not feel your best in the early days of new parenthood, but your photographer can come up with ways to have you in the picture with out you feeling uncomfortable. A mum and baby shoot is a wonderful way to show the love between you.  If you want to get your other little ones and your partner involved, all the better. You can capture a range of poses, and remember, your photographer will beable to shoot so that those dark circles aren’t quite as visible as you think.

Of course, you can even just be captured holding your baby, either from behind or with them in your arms so that only your chest is visible. This can make for a classic and beautiful shot that is truly timeless.

Focus on the details

We all know how adorable babies are, from head to toe, so why not have your photographer get shots of the little details. This is what makes your baby so special? As well as having photos of your baby in endearing positions, you can have close up shots of their hands, feet, that tuft of hair you can’t stop staring at, and those tiny ears! Remember that you are unlikely to be able to get these little things in high definition like a professional could, so catch them while you can!

Seasonal shoots

If you are looking for a way to celebrate the time of your baby’s birth, a seasonal photoshoot is a wonderful way to show this off. This could be Incorporating some foliage for autumn babies.  Easter themed props for a spring shoot can look absolutely charming. Flowers and a brighter aesthetic could look lovely for a summer baby, or even something more festive for babies born over the winter months. Whatever the season, your newborn photoshoot can look unique and gorgeous while being very much of the moment.

The classics

Those famous baby photos that everyone loves are classics for a reason. There are few things sweeter than seeing a baby curled up and sleeping on their front. Your photographer will work to get all the unique newborn shots you would love to see. Also don’t forget to let them do their thing and create those classic shots that everyone will adore, from other parents to grandma and grandpa. Putting your baby in a cute, themed basket or showing them swaddled up with those sweet newborn expressions can be simple and effective ways to remember them during this fast-changing time.

Call in the professionals
Heart shape with newborn baby wrapped up for photoshoot Medway Kent

The best way to get a beautiful newborn https://www.hannahcornfordphotography.com/newborn-gallery photoshoots to have a professional take over and use their inspiration to capture your baby looking as beautiful as they are. Get in touch with Hannah Cornford Photography https://www.hannahcornfordphotography.com/contact/ to book in your perfect family photos. She is perfect if you are looking for maternity photography/photos in Medway/Kent before your baby is born. Alternatively family photos in Medway to capture your entire tribe, there will be a gorgeous, creative photoshoot for you. And you can keep adding to your keepsake photos as your baby gets older, with fun cake smash photos/photography in Medway/Kent. The possibilities are endless!

The early days go by so fast, and you want to appreciate them as much as possible. Getting those newborn photographs taken during these busy, magical first couple of weeks means that you will have something to reflect back on as your baby grows and changes. Grasp each beautiful moment and create memories that will last a lifetime!