There is so much to do in the run-up to becoming a mum Sometimes the fun, exciting, and really beautiful parts of pregnancy can get swept aside in favour of practicalities. But there are some parts of being pregnant that you don’t want to miss out on just because you’re so busy – and a maternity photo shoot is one of these. But what to wear for summer maternity photos?

If you are getting your maternity photos taken soon, you may be beginning to wonder how to dress to look your best in the warmer weather. Until now, you have been hiding away under layers, but it’s time to break out and make the most of your baby bump. After all, you want to be able to appreciate these photographs for years to come. 

Why you should capture the moment

Whether you are a first-time mum or it’s baby number two, three, four or more – it is essential to make sure that you have a pregnancy to remember. Having professional photographs taken is the best way to do this, and it’s never too late to start. You can get family photos/photography in Medway/Kent and a range of fun options like cake smash photos/photography in Medway/Kent for your little ones.

However, your pregnancy should be about capturing those early times when you are a mother, but your baby isn’t here yet. It is still an important and beautiful time and one you will want to remember forever.

What to wear for summer maternity photos

If your pregnancy has been taking place mainly during the winter and spring, or if you have a fairly new bump to show off, you may struggle with what to wear for summer maternity photos. Knowing how to dress to feel and look great can be challenging on any day, but you will be looking back on it for a lifetime, especially when you are capturing those moments. 

There are simple things to consider, such as what time of the summer you will have your shoot and more complex factors to think about – will you go with something on-trend or a classic piece of clothing you love? 

Consider the weather

Knowing that time of the summer you are getting your maternity photos taken is essential, but let’s be realistic – it’s only half the battle. If you are having a maternity photoshoot inside, this is less important, but you will need to get outfits ready that can withstand a little drizzle if necessary if you are outside. Remember to take an umbrella – you could even choose a stylish one that complements your outfit. When in doubt, take a couple of choices to work with on the day!

Think theme

While a theme in the traditional sense is not strictly necessary for a maternity photoshoot, thinking about this can help you decide what to wear. You might want to celebrate your own interests or those of you and your partner. This can make for some genuinely one-off pictures. 

Are you making the most of the summer season and want to look as summery as possible? Or are you going with a soft, pink look indoors that will be echoed throughout your other photos, such as family photoshoots or pictures with your newborn baby? Cosy or outdoorsy, you will want to think about this when getting dressed. 

Consider these ideas, and talk to your photographer ahead of time to collaborate on a unique, stunning set-up for your photos. 

Get comfy

The likelihood is that, even if it rains, it is going to be warmer during the summer months. A beautiful dress in comfortable, flowing fabric that accentuates your baby bump while keeping you cool is a great choice. 

While it might be tempting to wear a great pair of high heels and something tight to show off your changing shape, make sure this is a choice you can tolerate during your entire shoot. You don’t want to be sweating or to have your shoes pinching your feet while your photographs are snapped. Going for a more natural look is an excellent choice if that’s something you feel good about. 

Are you going solo?

One of the big questions about maternity photoshoots is whether or not you’re going to do it solo. You can have a photoshoot that shows you off quietly with your soon to be born baby, or you can get the family involved. Maternity photos can be taken with a partner and your children to give the atmosphere more of a family vibe. 

Whether or not you have photos taken alone or with family, there is a perfect theme and setting for you that can show off this exciting time. Speaking of getting others involved – this could be great practice for your newborn photography/photos in Medway/Kent! 

Be yourself

When picking your outfit, don’t fall back on trendy items that are current right now. This might be how you dress every day, but it will quickly date your photos and might leave you cringing in years to come. Think of your maternity photos like you would your wedding photos – a classic look works best now and in the future.

But, while taking this into account, what is classic to someone else might not be classic to you. Be yourself in your photographs, wear styles you know suit you, and put on the kinds of accessories you could wear for any special occasion. After all, this is a moment for you – make the most of it.

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Those who have maternity photoshoots with me in my Studio in Medway, Kent have a selection of maternity dresses to choose from. These vary from simple dresses with bump showing, lace dresses and beautiful big floaty dresses. I have a range of colours to suit different skin tones. Feel free to have a look through some of my maternity photos here

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