Babies first 6 months

Your baby’s first 12 months is nothing short of amazing.  In the blink of an eye, your helpless newborn is reaching for birthday cake and starting to babble.  Watching your baby develop is one of the joys of being a parent and taking photographs at every step of the way helps you preserve those fabulous memories.

You should never compare your baby, they all reach their milestones at a slightly different rate but here’s what to expect generally in your baby’s first six months.


One Month Old

Your baby will be able to lift their head whilst on their tummy.  You can help strengthen their muscles by having tummy time each day.

Your baby will respond to sounds and will turn their head towards the light

Your baby will stare at faces and take an interest in high contrast pictures

Keepsake photos – The first month is the best time for a professional newborn portrait session.  Baby is still sleepy and curled up which allows us to capture some beautiful images for you to treasure.  Find out more here

Newborn photo strood. Baby girl
Two Months Old

Your baby will probably be starting to make gurgling or cooing sounds

They will be able to follow objects or faces in front of them

Your baby will probably be holding their head up for short periods of time

Your baby might also be smiling responsively

Keepsake photos – It can be tricky to capture but those first gummy smiles are on the must-have list of photographs for baby’s first year.  Try playing peek- a- boo from behind your phone to coax a smile out at the right time!


Three Months Old

Your baby will be able to hold their head steadily

Baby will also be able to recognise your face at this age

Smiles will be turning into laughter too

Keepsake photos – It’s selfie time.  Lie next to your baby and let them look at the face they love while you snap away.


Four Months Old

Your baby can bear weight on their legs and can push themselves up using their arms on their tummy

Your baby will coo when you talk to them

You might also notice more drooling around this time as teething starts

Keepsake photos – Capture your baby weight bearing around this time.  Make sure you appear in photos too – even if you don’t like pictures of yourself your baby will when they are older!


Five Months Old

Your baby can distinguish between bold colours

Your baby might be rolling over from back to tummy

They will amuse themselves by playing with their hands and feet

Keepsake photos – Lie your baby on their back and let them hold and play with their feet.  Take your pictures at floor level, capturing your baby in profile.

6 month sitting photoshoot Baby girl Medway Kent

Six Months Old

Your baby will try and move towards sounds and voices.  They’ll also try and imitate the sounds they hear.

It’s time to start weaning.  For great weaning recipes take a look here

Keepsake photos – You just have to capture the mess of weaning!  Those first foods will have your baby pulling the cutest of faces.  Perfect to display at their 18th!

I’d love to see your milestone photos.  You can tag me on social media using @hannahcornfordphotography

The next big milestone is their first birthdays which are a huge photo opportunity. I offer a few different options to mark their one year mark including portraits, cake smashes and fruit baths.