Maternity truly is an experience like no other and is something that all new parents will cherish for the rest of their lives. While we can all dream, your maternity will soon be over and your tiny newborn will not stay that tiny forever. Before you know it, they will be 6ft tall 18-year-olds with their own cars and maybe even a job in the lineup. The best way to make these special moments of maternity last a lifetime is to capture them in photographs that can be kept for years to come. If you’re wondering what to do with maternity photos, Snapchat memories and Facebook albums are great for sharing them with your friends, but to truly create lasting memories of maternity, you may want to invest in something that isn’t digital.

Newborn photography in Kent will provide you with professionally crafted photos that can be printed off and stored in your favourite photo album for good! Once printed, the gorgeous prints won’t go anywhere and can remain in your possession forever. A maternity photoshoot is a truly magical experience that will capture the very best moments between you and your bump. If you really want to make the day special, why not try opting for a more imaginative maternity photoshoot? This article will cover what to do with maternity photos to create precious memories that you will never forget.

What to do with maternity photos

Natural maternity photos

Natural maternity shoots are the best way to capture the authenticity of your pregnancy, putting every stretch mark on display and showing your bump in its most natural form. Natural (or nude) pregnancy shoots typically encourage the mother to wear little, or no clothing, so that you can be captured in your truest pregnant form. This natural look will be paired with floaty material, delicate flowers or other nature-inspired props to carefully cover any intimate areas and make you feel like a natural goddess!

Nude maternity shoots capture raw emotion and are a great way to create special memories whilst falling in love with your pregnant body. These shoots certainly aren’t for the shy mothers-to-be and are a great option if you’re unsure of what to wear for your maternity shoot!

Couples maternity shoots

If you are camera shy, maternity photo shoots don’t have to be done alone. If your partner is up for it, why not invite them along and create beautiful photos of the whole family-to-be? Couples maternity shoots are a great way to strengthen the bond between mum and dad and amp up that new baby excitement that you may already be feeling.

Couples maternity photos can be themed in any way that you like. A good idea is to choose a theme that represents both of your personalities in one. This is a great way to show your future children a glimpse of their mum and dad. Couples maternity shoots will capture intimate moments between mum and dad and will require both parties to show their emotions on camera. For the best photoshoot outcome, try your best to forget about the cameras and just enjoy the moment together! This is a great way to take natural pictures that display your true emotions, without looking staged.

Silhouette maternity shoots

If you want maternity photos that are a little different from the norm, why not opt for a timeless silhouette-style maternity shoot that will capture your beautiful bump in a way that is simple yet elegant? Silhouette maternity shoots typically use back-lighting that makes your figure appear very dark on camera. This will create the effect of a shadow and will result in photos that show little more than the natural shape of your pregnant body. The photos are printed in black and white to enhance the silhouette style and draw attention to the beauty of your curves.

For the best results, wear skin-tight, seamless clothing (or no clothing at all) that shows every inch of your bump and will create a feminine silhouette shape. These maternity shoots are ideal for expectant mums who are a little camera shy. It’s such a good way to keep things simple. Your photographer will be able to direct you into different positions, poses and angles that compliment your body and create beautiful shapes on the camera.

Gender reveal maternity shoots

Why not use your maternity photos to capture the excitement of your gender reveal? This is an excellent way to make the process of finding out your baby’s gender even more exciting. Gender reveal maternity photoshoots are typically colour themed (pink for girls and blue for boys). Although you can work with your photographer to decide what props to use. To make things even more special, you could consider cutting into a gender reveal cake on camera! This way, you will be able to capture the exact moment that you and your partner found out the gender of your little one. This is a memory that you will want to treasure for the rest of your life.

As you prepare to become a mum, a-mum-for-the-first-time, moments like this will fly by. Capturing them in a professional maternity shoot may just be the best way to never let them go. Gender reveal photoshoots are always fun and offer endless opportunities for different props and set designs. This is a great way to add a splash of colour to your maternity photo album.

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