Lockdown Valentines in Medway – Love it or hate it?

I think it is fair to say Valentines can be a little bit like Marmite; you either love it or hate it, especially Valentines in Medway in 2021! I am gutted I won’t be getting this gorgeous wooden heart bowl out for newborn baby photos anytime soon!

Are you one of those hopeless romantics?

It seems very weird to even be thinking about Valentines, let alone planning for what is usually one of the most popular nights out of the year, when we have just had flurries of the white stuff land on our door steps…..well I can’t say here in Medway we had anything more than sleet if I am honest! For the rest of you enjoying the inches of it around Kent, and our heads trying to catch up, it feels like we have barely escaped Christmas!

As a family photographer based in Medway Kent, I would usually be photographing couples, families and children, adding in that touch of Valentine’s love of which always make great gifts for your loved one to treasure.

With lockdown set in for the long haul and the covid numbers being still so high here in Medway and Kent, I thought I could lend a hand on how to embrace a different type of Valentines this year, or find new ideas to entertain you and your families during these challenging times.

For those of you living with your partner in Medway – Kent, find some ideas below:


Bring the World to You

Have a themed evening, for example Mexico I mean its better than Medway!!. Play Mexican music, dress up for the occasion and have the themed food; from tacos, burritos to fajitas. Also not forgetting to include margaritas and Mexican beers! 

Picnic – involve the children

You may be wondering how you can have something romantic with the children around, but try and include them! Weather permitting, you may want to venture outside, otherwise enjoy the comforts of your own home, and have one in the living room! Make it nice and cozy, but enjoy all the benefits of a picnic – yummy food, with the people you love.

Rose’s Tea Room offers a great selection of Afternoon Teas, sweet treats and even Celebration Cakes, if you are lucky to get your hands on some! Kathy supplies my Cake Smash Session cakes, and I can say you will not be disappointed, and has lifted the spirits of my friends and I after the crazy homeschooling days.  She is located in Medway, Kent and does offer delivery otherwise collection from her Tea Room is available. 

Find them on Facebook – Rose’s Team Room – https://www.facebook.com/Rosesstoke/?ref=page_internal

Feel free to take a look at our Cake Smash Sessions here www.hannahcornfordphotography.com/cake-smash-sessions


Your Cake Maker – Date night Valentines boxes can be pre-ordered from Stacey within the Medway area for collection. These are a gorgeous box of goodies, including cupcakes, cookies, popcorn, sweets and much more for you and your loved one.

Find them on Facebook – Your Cake Maker – https://www.facebook.com/yourcakemaker

Valentines box for those around Medway, Kent. Includes cookies, sweeties, cakes and other goodies.

Movie Night

This is the time when you both actually get time to watch the film you have been wanting to watch for ages, but have always been too tired or too busy to watch, because life just gets in the way. Dedicate this time to just enjoy time together, and watch THAT movie. Get a takeaway or enjoy some cheat food!

For those of you who cannot be with your partner, find some ideas below:


Zoom Dinner Date

You are probably thinking, we do this all the time at the moment during lockdown….but make this one extra special. Dress up for the occasion, dress up the room, light some candles, get the same takeaway in, or cook something extra special, send each other a small gift to open on the call, just to make it that extra special.  It will be a memory you will remember, and not just as Valentines, but as another lockdown memory.

Music Playlist

If your partner uses Spotify or Apple Music, create them a music playlist. It could possibly be one of the best but inexpensive gifts you give. Music can mean and be interpreted in so many ways, and when we are apart can be shared and enjoyed so many times. They will love it!

The above are just a handful of ideas, and there are many more that can be found online, if you are struggling for lockdown ideas, just google “Valentine Lockdown Ideas” or similar for inspiration or comment below.

Still looking for that perfect gift?

If you are looking for some gift inspiration, we can offer the below gifts which are perfect for those loved ones.

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Leather Pouch with fine art prints. Ideal for newborn photos Medway Kent

Let me know how you intend on spending your Valentines this year, and send in some photos (PG) of how you and your family spend this Lockdown Valentines.