Skincare during Pregnancy

Your skin goes through many changes during pregnancy.  For some of you, pregnancy hormones can give you amazing glowing skin, for others, you’ll get a break out of acne.  You might also be dealing with itchiness, rashes and of course, your changing body shape can leave you with stretch marks.

When I’m working in my studio or on location creating amazing maternity portraits, the conversation will often turn to skincare.  My editing skills will ensure perfect skin if you should require it and I also have an amazing makeup artist on hand to ensure you look exactly as you want.  Have a look at my beautiful maternity galleries here Maternity Photoshoots

Tips on caring for your skin during pregnancy

Here are some tips that my maternity clients have found worked really well for them

Dry Skin

Dry skin is really common during pregnancy.  Try an Aqueous cream – your pharmacist will be able to recommend one for you.  Natural butters and oils are also really good for dry skin. Try a shea butter or coconut or almond oil.

You Are What You eat

It will make a huge difference to your skin if you stay hydrated and eat a varied diet.  I know that’s not always easy when morning sickness kicks in or when you’re so tired cooking seems like a monumental task (or the smell of cooking is enough to make you want to throw up!).  Try keeping a full water bottle by your side to sip on during the day or eat your water – nibbling on watermelon and cucumber is a great way to up your water intake.

Stretch Marks

Unfortunately, I’m not sure there is very much you can do to entirely prevent stretch marks.  It very much depends on the type of skin you have and your genetic disposition as to whether you’ll get stretch marks.  There are some things you can do to help and to make yourself more comfortable though. Lot’s of my clients swear by Bio Oil to help reduce stretch marks but you can also get a variety of creams that are suitable to use during pregnancy.  Eating healthily will also help – you only need an extra 200 calories per day towards the end of your pregnancy.  Also making sure you have properly fitting underwear – especially your maternity bras is also a good idea.


Finally, there are some ingredients you should really avoid whilst pregnant.  Always check with your midwife or doctor but there’s a great list here

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