Pancake Day – Tuesday 16th February

So, how do you like them? Thin and delicate, or thick and gooey? One at a time, or stacked like an American? Or as a county in Kent, do we have our own unique way to flavour them? Yes, it’s that time of year, PANCAKE DAY! Since we have had the well know eateries come to Rochester and Medway over the last few years, have these encouraged us more to these sweet treats? 

Pancake day for many of us is a reason to stuff our faces with no guilt, but for others it’s symbolizing the last day to feast before the beginning of Lent, fasting for 40 days before Easter. I wonder how many of my photography clients in Medway are fasting this year, maybe I will pop a poll up to see how many of us will at least give something up for Lent this year. Are your children interested in Lent? 

In a recent survey completed by the Independent, it determined that a staggering 85% of us will be making pancakes this year, but more interestingly only 37% of those will be eating them on this one day of the year. You can read further here

My kids love pancakes, well who doesn’t, anything they can load sugar onto. Its estimated 65% still prefer a sweet pancake to savory, although they are becoming more popular over the years. My Mum loves the classic lemon and sugar, but in our house its Nutella all the way, what is your children’s favourite combo?  

Comment below, and let’s share for some new inspiration and ideas this year for other families around Kent to get involved and make this one more creative and create more Lockdown memories 😊 


Find below a classic Pancake recipe, there are so many variations these days, but this is a good one to get the children to help you with:

For those of you who think you cant enjoy Pancake Day because you are on a “Diet”, think again! 

Take a look at the low-calorie options available on the internet, there are so many different variations available now.  

Slimming Eats is just an example of the recipes to try, and the ingredients are easy to obtain and the recipe is easy to follow. This is a fab website if you are looking for new and inspiring ideas to keep you on track. What’s better is these recipes are suitable for the whole family and therefore can be a part of your everyday life, including your children.

Did you know that more than 8 in 10 of us believe we are worthy of tossing the pancake, are you one of them? Also, of these 40% of pancakes inevitably end up on the floor…. some may say even the dogs get lucky on pancake day!  

Pancake Day must be one of the yearly events that isn’t adversely affected by Lockdown, but possibly allows us as families to have more time at home to enjoy them, to become more creative, make more memories and capture photos to add to the lockdown scrapbook! 

My kids devour them just like this cheeky chap at his cake smash. Feel free to take a look at this messy session here

Cake Smash photo boy Medway Kent. 1 year old putting cake in his mouth.




I wonder how many of you in Medway think you are a good flipper? Let’s run a little competition and see some action boomerang photos, and videos sent in. 

Do you think you have what it takes to beat the competition of my regular clients in Strood and Rochester? I know some of my clients further afield in Medway have a little competitive streak, so let’s get this going guys. 

The winner will receive a gift voucher to use when lockdown is over! 

All entries received by 10pm Tuesday 16th February will be valid. 

Enjoy your Pancakes guys! 

Catch you soon for the next Blog entry 🙂