Congratulations on becoming a mum! This is an exciting and incredible time where your life seems to change so fast you can’t keep up. 

While having a baby is a wonderful experience, following the best advice for new mums can make it even better…

Find your tribe

After the blur of the first days have passed and you have got yourself and your new addition into something like a routine – or maybe not so much – you might find that being a mum can be lonely sometimes. Whether you are on maternity leave temporarily or you’re a stay at home mum, you need to connect with people.

An important part of this is making friends with people who are experiencing the same things as you. Joining a mum and baby group is a great way to meet new friends and to start getting yourself and your little one used to being places that aren’t your home. 

It can be scary at first, but be persistent – you can try different kinds of groups until you find the right place for you.

Get out and about

If you are finding it hard to get to mum and baby groups, some of the best advice for new mums is that you should just get out – both of you! You can start small, with a little walk down to the local park at a quiet time. Whether alone or to meet a friend, it’s important not to get too used to being inside all the time.

Going for walks is also a wonderful way to get some much-needed exercise in. You can go a little stir crazy at home, stuck on the sofa with your baby, and just a little trip out every day to get some air can help you feel brighter and more energised. Even if you aren’t getting all the sleep you would like!

Don’t compare your journey

Whether you have great mum friends or you just spend a lot of time browsing around online, representations of “perfect” parenthood are everywhere. When you haven’t changed your t-shirt in four days, can’t remember the last time you actually finished a cup of tea and can only face a ready meal…that’s really not helpful!

It is so vital that you don’t compare your parenting journey to other peoples. Remember that your friends won’t always want to tell you all the ways in which they are finding their journey hard, just like you don’t! What you see in carefully curated squares on the internet is rarely the whole picture.

Try to have honest conversations with your mum friends more often and don’t be afraid to talk about the tough times – but know that everyone’s learning curve is different and you aren’t letting anyone down.

Capture the moment

Sibling photo. Big sister holding newborn baby who is wrapped. Photographed by Hannah Cornford Photography in Strood

Every stage of your baby’s life is precious, but the early days (and even those later on) can pass by in a flash. When you are learning the ropes of motherhood and getting to grips with the best way to make it work for you, you are not always making the memories you want!

This is why it is important to capture the moment, so you have a keepsake to hold onto for years to come. Your baby is beautiful no matter how old they are, and a professional photographer can really show that off. It can also make a wonderful gift for grandparents. 

Hannah Cornford Photography can capture your baby perfectly with newborn photography in Kent. So even if you don’t remember every day, you will have a unique picture of your baby to cherish forever.

Reach out

The first few days, weeks and months of being a new mum can be some of the hardest, and it can be difficult to reach out to people and ask for help. While all you want to do is have family time and bond, you may still want to keep connected to friends and family who can help you through your more difficult days. 

Asking for someone to come and spend time with you, even just in the house, or asking for advice from those who have been here before is an excellent way of keeping connected to your friends and family, and can help you to feel less isolated. After all, nobody is born knowing exactly how to be a mum! It’s a process.

Engage in self-care Self-care is a little bit of a buzzword at the moment, and it can feel like the last thing on your mind with a new baby. But this might be the most important time for you to take a breather and evaluate your own needs. Whether that is as simple as a shower and a nap, an exercise class, getting a haircut, coffee with a friend, or just the chance to sit quietly and read for a while. 

Self-care does not have to be an all-out pamper session – we know you will struggle to be away from your little one for long – but allowing yourself a few moments to yourself can help you feel calmer, more centred, and ready to be the best mum ever. 

The best advice for new mums is….

Being a new mum can definitely be one of the most challenging times of your life – but it really doesn’t last forever. Your little ones really do grow up too fast, which is why capturing their early days is so important. 

Know that you are doing your best and as long as you love your baby, everything will be okay. So try to appreciate these days and remember to get some sleep and a cup of tea when you can!