Whether your kids are younger or approaching their teenage years, family time together is important. And, while there are lots of lovely activities to be done out and about, recent times have reminded us of the importance that home holds in our lives. At Hannah Cornford Photography https://www.hannahcornfordphotography.com/], we love capturing those intimate moments that mean the most. You too can make such moments with those you love with our list of creative family activities to do at home, with suggestions available for families of all types and ages. Let’s find out more.

Keep the little ones entertained with these creative family activities to do at home for those with younger kids

Paint rocks from around your garden

If you have a front or rear yard with some rocks, a great way to pass the time with younger children is to gather up some of the most interesting looking ones and spend the day painting them! The possibilities are endless – your child could paint their favourite animal, superhero, pattern…or even you! We’re sure the semblance will be uncanny. [https://rockpainting101.com/rock-painting-ideas/]

Race around in your own cardboard cars!

For those families with ample indoor space, creating your own race cars and track could be an excellent way to keep fit and get creative at the same time! All you need are some cardboard boxes, safe coloured paint, and some objects to make your own bespoke course. Keep it to one room or an entire floor of your home – the choice is yours.

Bring out the sidewalk chalk

Nothing gets little children more excited than the chance to draw away to their heart’s content. Pavement chalk is cheap, easy to wash off and available in a range of bright colours. It’ll be like Art Attack on your own drive! If drawing on the pavement, remember to keep your kids supervised at all times.

Become amateur magicians in a day!

The great thing about the internet is how easy it is to learn new tricks. More specifically, learning new magic tricks together is a fantastic way to help your child gain new confidence and possibly kick start a new hobby – plus, they’ll have something to impress friends with at school!

Get recycling those water bottles with indoor bowling

It’s a classic British staple that when the weather gets warmer, we all flock to the nearest supermarket for a multipack of bottled water. Don’t let those empty bottles go to waste; gather them up, along with something to roll such as a ball, and set up a game of bowling! Perfect for long hallways or gardens.

Don’t leave the older ones out! Here are some creative family activities to do at home for those with teenagers

Get the trowels and seeds out for a day in the garden

Granted, a day in the garden might just sound like manual labour. But in reality, many teens nowadays care greatly about the impact they have on the environment and the future we’re leaving behind for them. Gardening together could be a top way to talk earnestly, plant some beautiful flowers, and get some vitamin D while you’re at it!

Learn some photography techniques together

Social media is probably a huge part of your teen’s life. Why not show an interest in their interests by taking the time to learn some great photography techniques, shots, and poses to elevate the content they post to their feed.

Become the next Mary Berry with a day of baking

The Great British Bake Off has become something of a cult classic across the country. You don’t need a white tent and Paul Hollywood to host your own bake-off challenges (though that would be amazing!). Who can create the best showstopper with no prior baking experience at all? Let the competitiveness come out! https://diyprojectsforteens.com/desserts-teens-to-make-at-home/

DIY some pampering goodies for a relaxing evening

Many teens have daily stresses that prevent them from truly unwinding, be it school, work, or extracurricular activities. Pampering treatments are simple to make yourself at home, and lead to a calming evening relaxing together. Why not pop on a movie and enjoy some popcorn afterwards, too?

Upcycle your old clothes, accessories, or footwear

Harking back to our previous post about your teen’s probable interest in the environment, they might love a day spent upcycling old clothing or other belongings into something unique, fresh, and modern. Say no to fast fashion and hello to a reworked pair of shoes, a blouse, or even a piece of furniture!

All grown up and visiting home? There are creative family activities to do at home for all ages

Finally get started on that tempting puzzle

One of the greater things about getting older is having the patience for those activities that require extended concentration, such as puzzles. If you and your family have an old puzzle sitting under a table, it’s finally time to crack it out and get stuck in.

Host your own Come Dine With Me competition

We suggested hosting a Bake Off competition for the teens…but what about a Come Dine With Me competition for the adults? Granted this one may require more planning than the others, and will likely take place over a few days instead of just one, but with prep and enthusiasm, this could be a great (and tasty!) experience together.

Learn a new hobby together

You might think that when you’re older you’ve learnt all there is to learn. But you’re likely wrong! Learning a new hobby together, be it with siblings, grandchildren, or parents, is an intimate and enjoyable way to pass the time together.

Wine and a games night, anyone?

If you drink alcohol, a wine and games night is the perfect way to pass hours in the evening with those you love. Whether it’s an old family classic or a contemporary game that intrigues you all, get stuck into a night of rivalry like the good ol’ times.

Create a scrapbook of all the good times

Speaking of the good times, one of the most creative forms of capturing some of your favourite memories is by creating a scrapbook. Gather photographs, love letters, ticket stubs…anything personal to you and your family. Plus, it could become a treasured keepsake or heirloom down the line.

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