There is so much to think about in the run-up to having your baby. From finding the perfect name, see my blog on inspired baby names to deciding how to decorate the nursery and lining up your friends and family for babysitting duty, there are lots of big and small plans to be made and little details to sort out. One thing you don’t want to let fall by the wayside is getting those gorgeous newborn photographs taken. But what age is best for newborn photos?

Read on to discover when it is best to get those picture-perfect shots, when to book, and where you can get those treasured moments captured in your local area.

Newborn baby girl photo on pink background. Head on hands. Photo taken in Medway Kent

Why newborn?


You may not have even considered having photographs taken of your newborn, but it is a great time to get some really unique and whimsical photographs. Your baby is at that age when they mostly sleep, making them wonderful candidates for a photographer’s keen eye. While a little fussiness here and there is to be expected, newborns are usually a pleasure to work with.

Not only that, but the early days of having a new baby tend to go by in a sleepless flash. You may not even have a clear memory of these first days, or have taken many pictures. Getting some lovely professional shots is a wonderful way to create a visual keepsake to remember these chaotic, magical days with.

And if you are considering a birth announcement to your family and friends, a professional-quality photograph is an enchanting way to introduce your new little family member to the world in the most beautiful way possible.


Props and sibling sessions

Sibling photo. Newborn wrapped in a cream blanket with older sister snuggling in. Photographed in Medway Kent

On another note, if you love the idea of using some props for your newborn photography session, or even bringing an older sibling in on the fun, these early days make it easier to do this.

Your baby is more predictable, which is wonderful with props around or a rambunctious sibling to keep an eye on! This is also a great way to encourage them to bond with the new baby, as they will love being involved. It’s a great idea to help ease jealousy and promote harmony.

What age is best for newborn photos?


Even if you had a gorgeous pregnancy shoot and have been planning to capture this newborn stage all along, you may still be feeling a little confused. After all, for how long is your baby a newborn? What age is best for newborn photos? How late is too late?

For a truly newborn session, you will want to have your baby photographed as early as possible, around week one or week two of your baby’s life, but after the four-day mark. The babies are much easier to swaddle and are generally a lot sleepier for those peaceful, sweet early photographs.

However, you can have a newborn shoot when your baby is a little older, but bear in mind that their features change so quickly that getting them captured early is the best way to remember them at every stage of their development.

In the first two weeks, newborns also tend to have more fixed and predictable schedules, which means you will know when they are likely to need to sleep and eat. This makes it much easier to get those calm, idyllic photographs.

For that classic, curled up newborn look, getting them photographed at under two weeks old is the best choice.

After the first two weeks


Once the first couple of weeks have passed, you can still have your newborn photography done. However, you will need to think about having different concepts rather than the curled up, swaddled appearance. All sessions are baby-led so just bare this in mind if you do have them later than the two week point.

They are more likely to be awake, which might make the session a little more challenging but we will always capture gorgeous images for you to remember these precious early days.


When to book


This might sound crazy, but it is best to schedule your newborn photo shoot well in advance of your baby being born. You will want to look into photographers and book during your second trimester, or perhaps early on in your third. I always suggest after the 20 week scan to my clients.

This means you will secure the photographer you want, have plenty of time to think about how you want your pictures to look, and it will be one less thing to worry about for you! All you have to do then is look forward to how beautiful the photographs are going to be.

On another note, don’t forget to book in your maternity photography/photos in Medway/Kent, as capturing your glow while pregnant is a wonderful part of your journey to becoming a mama!

The tradition continues


Newborn photography is just the first step in capturing a lifetime of beautiful images. Today, when so many of us have smartphones that can snap every moment, it can be tempting to take a casual picture of little moments. However, your baby’s life is monumental and should be given that little element of magic and wonder. Beginning with newborn photographs, you can have professional photographs taken of every stage of your baby’s life.

As they develop and change, having a top-quality visual history of their lives is truly something you will keep forever in your heart.

Where to get the perfect pictures


If you are awaiting the arrival of your little one and cannot wait to book your newborn photography session, then book early with me at Hannah Cornford Photography . For unique newborn photography/photos in Medway/Kent, it is my aim to capture the  perfect photos for you. I provide incredible, high-quality photos of your baby so that you will be sure to remember these first days forever and can share them with your family and friends.

You can also go on to have more incredible photographs taken with us, such as fun-filled cake smash photos/photography in Medway/Kent, fruit bath photos, and also more low key family photos/photography in Medway/Kent and capturing their first birthday celebrations. This could be the beginning of a wonderful lifetime of treasured memories.

Don’t wait a moment longer! You need to move fast to get those great pictures that will last a lifetime and also provide you with some incredible images to show off at your baby’s future birthday parties.