5 Top Tips from other mums for post C-Section

As a Newborn Photographer I speak with so many mums about all things baby related including birth, feeding, and sleep. This is when I realised that many mothers feel the pressure to keep on top of everything. Even after having a newborn baby the conversation always gets on to the struggles of dealing with having a baby, keeping on top of the house work, dinners and all things baby related. Well ladies here are the top 5 tips given by other mums who have been where you are!! A quick read to help you after having a baby by Caesarian.

1 – Rest

The most popular answer by far when I asked other mums what their advice would be to a new mum recovering from a C-section was to rest! Rest Rest Rest. As hard as it is to do this is so vital, not just for you but for your new baby.

2 – Medication / Pain Relief

Keeping on top of your pain relief was also a very common answer from other mothers. Whether this be prescribed medication given to you or normal pain medication to help ease the initial pain and discomfort. Don’t feel like you have to suffer keep on top of it every 4 hours.

3 – Underwear

If you haven’t been told, or read my hospital bag blog (https://www.hannahcornfordphotography.com/what-to-pack-in-your-hospital-bag/) then a heads up that the underwear that you choose to wear post birth will make a huge difference to your comfort. This is even more important after having a c-section due to where the scar is. Make sure you have purchased some big ‘granny’ knickers – the bigger the better!! These will then sit above your incision and not cause any rubbing issues and will hold your sanitary pad in place!!

4 – Ask for Help

Be prepared to ask others for help. It can be a frustrating not being able to do your usual daily tasks but by taking it easy we can help our bodies heal quicker. Many mums mentioned causing there incision to open or ooze by doing too much to quickly. So if you are lucky enough to have help make sure you use your friends and family.

Also ask for help with other things like how you should get up from bed, how to feed and sit etc.It will enable you to get up safely using other muscles. These sound like such simple things but will all play apart on how you heal. I found this brilliant resource with lots of details on looking after yourself post birth here https://www.enherts-tr.nhs.uk/content/uploads/2019/10/M-After-Your-C-Section-c-section_infoleaflet2014-1.pdf.

5 – Peppermint Tea

Last but not least it has been suggested that drinking Peppermint tea in the first few days post birth can help ease pain caused by wind. This is not something we necessarily think about when we think about births and c-sections. But the wind pain which is usually felt in the shoulder is an added discomfort which hopefully can be relieved by a few cups of peppermint tea.


Did you have a c-section, what tips would you share with other mums?

I love that I can chat daily with new mums being newborn photographer and help with simple tips to make being a new mum easier.

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