10 things to LOVE about being pregnant!

We all know that pregnancy is an amazing time – you’re growing an actual human! But the nausea, sickness, constant tiredness and then later the inability to sleep for longer than 40 minutes without needing to get up and pee, can have you wishing away the weeks to your due date so here are 10 things to LOVE about being pregnant!

I’m a busy photographer in Medway in Kent and the maternity portraits I offer are increasing in popularity. Many mums to be are concerned they don’t have that ‘pregnancy glow’ or that they will look big and tired. Not only am I experienced in lighting and posing to highlight all of your best features, but I also use a wonderful makeup artist to help you look your natural best. I get the opportunity to chat to so many maternity clients and though it would bring a smile to your faces to give you their top 10 reasons to love being pregnant.


Although you can’t quite ‘eat for two’, you can enjoy treats in your third trimester. The recommendation is to keep your daily calorie intake the same up until around 28 weeks and from then on you can enjoy an extra 200kc per day – pass the cake please!


As your bump grows you can treat yourself to new maternity clothes. Most high street stores and even some supermarkets stock maternity clothes now so you don;t have to blow the budget to feel great. Here’s a handy list of maternity clothing stores around the Kent are for you https://kent-baby.co.uk/maternity-wear-shops-in-kent/

Feeling Special

Everyone makes a fuss of a bump! You’ll find it easier to get a seat on public transport and family and friends will go out of their way to look after you and make you feel special. Enjoy it while it lasts because as soon as baby arrives, the limelight will be firmly on them!

Free Stuff

From the moment your pregnancy is confirmed you’ll get free prescriptions and you’re also entitled to free dental treatment. You’ll get both these benefits until your baby is one.


Your boobs look fantastic while you’re pregnant. Enjoy your womanly curves and enjoy shopping for new bras.

Your body is being incredible

As your bump gets bigger, it’s incredible to think about what’s happening inside it. Some days you might not feel like it but you’re a walking miracle.

Feeling your baby move

There’s nothing quite like feeling those first fluttering movements. Make sure as your pregnancy progresses you keep track of your baby’s movements. Get more info here https://www.kickscount.org.uk/


You might be keeping a pregnancy diary or other mementoes of your pregnancy – it’s only likely to happen 2 or 3 times to most of you so it’s fun tro treasure it


Pregnancy is a perfect time to treat yourself to maternity portraits. Having stunning images of this fleeting time in your life is a wonderful gift to yourself. Find out more here https://www.hannahcornfordphotography.com/maternityphotographermedway

Your Relationships Blossom

Watching your partner prepare to become a parent and your parents preparing to become grandparents is enough to make you feel fuzzy and warm about them all.

So there you have it – ten reasons to love being pregnant. Have I missed anything out – what was your favourite part of being pregnant, let me know in the comments.


Hannah Cornford

Family Photographer